SHARKEY COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – A number of volunteers and organizations are doing what they can to help the Town of Anguilla recover from storms that pounded the area this week.

During the storm, homes were torn apart and personal belongings were strewn about. The town’s neighbors said they’re doing the best they can before the holidays, but they need your help.

“Get on your knees and pray. We need to come together and do something for Anguilla. Do the right thing. It was terrible,” said Brico Full, resident affected by storm.

Due to families losing their items right before Christmas, Mayor Jan Pearson said any donations would be appreciated. Anyone who would like to donate can contact the Town Hall at (662) 873-4978.

Diaper Bank of the Delta is among the organizations helping provide items parents need for their toddlers.

“This small town that we have, we need to stick together. Look how people are out giving and helping now. We are blessed more. When you lose, you gain more. So, I told them, if someone needs somewhere to stay for a couple of days, I invite them to my place to live,” said resident Rosie Johnson.

Volunteers from nearby towns and the Red Cross have been assisting in the area since the storm passed.