Dixie Electric prepares for Hurricane Zeta


HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – Dixie Electric is preparing for Hurricane Zeta, and the company is encouraging neighbors to prepare. Here are some reminders from the company:

· Report power outages to Dixie Electric by calling 888-465-9209 or using the SmartHub app. Dixie Electric can’t accept outage reports through its social media pages or direct messages because the social media pages are not tied to the outage management system.

· If you or a loved one has a critical medical need, please make preparations today and have a backup plan in place. Dixie Electric cannot guarantee service, and power restoration is a multi-step process that can take time if Dixie Electric’s system sustains damage due to Hurricane Zeta.

· Crews will not work in weather conditions with wind speeds more than 25 mph. Line workers will not be dispatched until weather conditions are safe to do so.

· Visit prepared.dixieepa.com to view our real-time outage map. Follow Dixie Electric’s social media pages for daily restoration updates.

· Stay away from downed power lines! Treat every downed line as if it were energized and call us immediately.

· After the storm, do not plug generators directly into your home’s wiring. This can back feed the power lines and injure workers. Plug portable generators directly into the appliances or electronics that you want to operate.

· If damage occurs, do not stack debris on wires, transformers or power poles laying on the ground. Dixie Electric may restring the wire, and personnel will collect damaged items after restoration is complete.


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