Mississippi Urban Search and Rescue ready to assist in Hurricane Delta


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Mississippi rescue units are taking precautions in case relief is needed in southwestern counties due to Hurricane Delta.

With heavy damage anticipated in the aftermath of the storm, the Mississippi Urban Search and Rescue Task Force will offer aid to high-threatening areas.

“Currently for Hurricane Delta, we are prepared for any type of swift water or floodwater response. Also if we have any spin up tornadoes that’s potentially a threat, we are staged to where we can go in and make that type of rescue happen,” said USAR representative Greg Davis.

Rescue teams are currently stationed in DeSoto, Jackson and Neshoba counties to help save lives and provide relief to victims.

“We currently have about 50 people on alert status. If that number is needed to increase, we can, with no problem.”

Hurricane Delta may weaken prior to landfall, but rescue units say they will be ready to respond.


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