Protecting your home from trees amid severe weather


MADISON, Miss. (WJTV) – Neglected trees can become an eyesore and a safety hazard with Hurricane Laura on the way. Certified arborist Stephen Perkins said a tree will give you symptoms and signs before it falls.

“These trees, if they got enough decay on them, they can fall on a sunny day.”

For all the amazing benefits a tree provides, strong winds can make them incredibly dangerous.

Perkins is also the founder of Tree Tech in Madison. They assisted cleaning up trees after Hurricane Katrina. Perkins said damage could be prevented if the trees are inspected ahead of time.

There are simple steps to keep your tree in top shape. Look for mushrooms, leans, deadwood, dense canopies or ‘wind sail,’ including broken roots cracks in the trunk.

Perkins said it can take 200 years to grow a tree, and just half a second for a lightning strike to completely destroy it.

“We can mitigate that with a lightning protection system, which is copper rods and wires that go to the top of the tree and come all the way down, go out into the ground, about eight foot down, and they dissipate the electricity.”

With 40 mile per hour winds expected on Thursday in Jackson and Central Mississippi, it’s important to inspect your tree ahead of the strong winds.

“Some of the homeowners have already cut some and moved it out themselves, and we thank them for that.”

The best way to protect your landscape from hurricane damage is by careful planning. Perkins recommends hiring a professional to inspect your tree.


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