Record 2020 hurricane season runs out of names, now will use the Greek Alphabet


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – For only the second time on record, the entire list of hurricane names has been used. The 2020 hurricane season continues at record pace, with 20 of the 23 named storms forming earlier than ever recorded. Now that the entire list of names, which is decided by the World Meteorological Organization, has been exhausted, the Greek alphabet must be used. (It is worth noting that Q, U, X, Y, and Z are never used to name storms because English, Spanish, and Portuguese lack enough names using those letters.)

All tropical storms & hurricane forming for the rest of the 2020 hurricane season will be named using the Greek alphabet, which is the policy decided by the World Meteorological Society. If a Greek name has to be retired, it will be listed with other retired names, but will still be available for future use if another season also runs out of names.

The 2005 hurricane season is the only other year that has used Greek names for tropical systems. But, 2005 didn’t have to use a Greek name until October 22nd. So 2005 has run out of names even earlier than before. The name “Zeta” was the final storm of the 2005 season, which would only be 6 more named storms would need to form this .

This year’s hurricane season has already seen eight hurricanes. Two of those hurricanes were considered “major,” at a strength of Category 3 or higher. The initial seasonal projection from early 2020 was for 6-10 hurricanes, and 3-6 majors. There are still 10 weeks left in the 2020 hurricane season, which ends on November 30th.

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