Therapist discusses dealing with storms amid a pandemic


FLOWOOD, Miss. (WJTV) – An active hurricane season is coming amid a recent surge in COVID-19 cases, which could add to the stress of what’s already been a difficult year.

Damien Thomas is a therapist in Flowood, who has been practicing for eleven years. He said, “There’s loss of sleep, loss of appetite. There are persistent fears of being harmed or being misplaced from a natural disaster.”

Within the last six months, Thomas said he’s seen a growth of 30-40% in his clients. During this time, he recommends engaging in healthy coping skills, something simple as taking a deep breath.

“You can do it with one finger, that makes it a lot easier. Inhale, that gives the client a sense of peace, a sense of calm.”

In addition to your daily dose of exercise, avoid drugs and alcohol.

“One of the things we do here. We offer cognitive behaviorial therapy. We offer relaxation techniques, we assist in engaging in mindfulness strategies as well.”

Thomas stressed that it’s okay to lean on support from family, friends and seek professional support if needed.


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