With temperatures on the rise, expect long wait for AC repairs


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Thursday, July 29 is projected to be the hottest day of the year in Mississippi, and people will be cranking up the AC to keep cool.

With temperatures expected to reach nearly 100 degrees, it will be tough to avoid using the air conditioner. Hopefully, your air conditioner is working because getting a new one or getting repairs to one could be difficult.

Isaac Parker, Dent Air Conditioning manager, said, “This summer has been uniquely overwhelming because we’ve been having trouble getting parts and equipment. Supposedly it’s because of coronavirus, but there’s a lot of issues with supply chain and HVAC. We’ve struggled a lot.”

Shortages on parts have also caused longer wait times for repairs.

“Nobody wants to wait when their AC is broken. We like to do stuff same day every time, but it’s getting to where we have to order stuff we’re not used to having to order, and it might take two to three days to come in,” Parker explained.

To help avoid needing repairs in the first place, Parker said there are a few things people can do on their own.

“Pour some bleach down the drain where your ending. It helps a lot. In the summer, your AC condensates a ton, and every now and then it’ll back up and make your unit go out.”

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